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Cee4Bee, is a one year old non-profit initiative which sets out to improve the life chances of the minority community focusing on the black Africans living in UK by providing a free networking environment that increases who and what the community knows ultimately helping to reduce poverty levels in the community and society at large.

Founded by two young guys who believe there are some members of our community that will thrive and succeed should more opportunities be available to them. Opportunities such as those presented by a good reference, an internal sponsor, a mentor or a coach, fairly affordable development programmes, exposure presented by holidays etc. Where these adults take the opportunities and succeed, children therefore born to those families will most likely be spared of a poor life.

Our solution is born out of the need to address problems based on publicly available research information on current poverty levels and predictions for the immediate future generations based on the findings of the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission indicating the existence of a stronger relationship between parental background and children’s future income in Britain than in many other countries.

Launched in the summer of 2015, Cee4Bee desires to implement intentional practical solutions including but not limited to hosting free network events and campaigns to help firstly bring people at different levels together so hopefully increase the opportunities enclosed in such network and secondly showcase opportunities that minority black African families may not necessarily be exposed to.

In just one year, we have reached out to over 220 members of the community who have attended our events from nationalities including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Jamaica. We are fortunate to have a committed team who volunteer their time to bring our purpose to life.

Our first 9 free events hosted in choice central London venues in 2015/2016 were judged successful by attendees who had the opportunity to learn key skills and most importantly connect with valuable contacts who are now helping them achieve greater success. See testimonials and feedback for what attendees have to say.

We inspire! We Connect! We Create Ambition! We take actions to increase opportunities for all and so help fight poverty. Join us if you believe our cause, complete the form and together we can make our communities better.

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We like to appreciate all those who have supported our non-profit initiative so far. With you on our side, we have been able to sustain 10 events with over 260 participants up to January 2017 and to that we say a big thank you. Interested to support us?

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