Our Mission

To improve the life chances of the minority community focusing on the black Africans by providing a free environment that increases who and what they know ultimately contributing to reduce poverty levels the minority community.

Our Goal

To positively impact at least 500 people from the black African community within the first 5 years by mentoring, coaching, training, introducing contacts and sharing opportunities with those who need them.

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Testimonials & Feedback

  • “I was introduced to someone senior in my industry that helped to coach me in preparation for my job assessment"
  • “Received help from another attendee with a new concept that helped me secure a job contract extension”
  • “I have engaged with the techy guys to help with my production”
  • "If I knew it was this educative, I could have invited a lot more people"
  • “This is a different concept"
  • "We should do more of these events"
  • “It was great throughout”
  • “Keep up the good work"
  • "I was very impressed with the whole event and think it’s potentially the way forward in uniting “black people” and leaving a legacy of sorts for the younger generation"
  • "I thought the event was excellent. The venue and speakers and refreshment was excellent" - Blessing, Coaching
    Blessing, Coaching